Filinvest offers investment portfolio

MANILA, Philippines – Owning real estate does not only mean fulfilling a dream; for some, it means a way to earn passive income and supplement an investment portfolio. With Filinvest, investing in prime property developments offer a host of opportunities to earn, with leasing experts ensuring one gets his money’s worth.

“Our main goal is to assist property owners and investors in looking for possible tenants and getting good returns on their investments,” said My Ponce, leasing manager of Pro-Excel Property Managers Inc, Filinvest’s leasing service provider. While those who purchase real estate can arrange to rent or lease these by themselves, being assisted by property experts take a lot of the possible headaches in such an undertaking.

“Our group can advise them on the right lease terms and rates, as well as interest future tenants on the benefits of leasing a particular property.”

While other developers have similar departments, the leasing group of Filinvest is a cut above the rest. “We always maintain flexibility when it comes to clients’ requirements,” said Ponce, “and we ensure that we have one leasing representative for each condominium project to ensure that our unit owners are ably assisted.” Those interested in leasing their units need only to sign a Lease Agreement Form, and Pro-Excel Leasing Services is ready to offer their units to possible tenants.

Pro-Excel Leasing Service Group people don’t just look for any tenant; they are trained to ask the right details to ensure that lessee and property match perfectly. “When entertaining future tenants, we require them to provide proper validation such as government issued IDs and assess their ability to comply with the rules and regulations of the project,” said Ponce.

Welcoming phone-in and walk-in inquiries, the specialists also assist prospective tenants in viewing the units. “All these negotiations are coordinated with the unit owner so they are advised of the progress,” noted Ponce.

Ponce also points that their team always strives to get units leased in less than six months. “It always depends on the requirements of future tenants, but rest assured that the units enrolled for leasing are always offered,” said Ponce. Not only are leasing specialists tasked to find future tenants, they also assist unit owners in ensuring that rental payments are made as scheduled.

Leasing service is available to unit owners of high-rise projects such as La Vie Flats, Vivant Flats, Aspen Tower, 2301 Civic Place, Civic Prime, Westparc, Studio One and Two, Pioneer Pointe, and Grand Cenia, as well as mid-rise condominiums in Pasig including One Oasis Pasig, Sorrento Oasis, Capri Oasis; Maui Oasis, Bali Oasis, and One Oasis Cebu. The company charges the standard fee of one-month’s rent for every year of lease.

Such earning opportunities certainly make investing in Filinvest properties an interesting prospect. These properties are not just havens but also income-generating investments. One is also guaranteed to get only the best from Filinvest, a trusted name in the industry and a leader in property development for almost fifty years.